“Traditional worship for a post-modern age”

In both our churches the emphasis of worship is the administering of the Sacrament of Holy Communion, the preaching and teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and enabling people to find or renew their Christian faith.


(Book of Common Prayer) followed by coffee and refreshments

 SUNDAY 9.30am Holy Communion

(Common Worship) followed by coffee and refreshments

In keeping with the antiquity of our church building, our Sunday worship is a sung Eucharist, following the liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer, first used in 1662, and offered in this church ever since.

The celebration rite is Anglo-Catholic in character. Performed with great dignity and ceremony. Incense is used, as has been a custom since pre-Christian times, to symbolise the  prayers of the faithful  and to create a worshipful atmosphere.  Vestments, appropriate to the season, are worn by the celebrant and the servers, and bells are rung to mark significant stages of the Consecration.

Singing is an integral part of the service, accompanied by a full pipe organ and a small choir singing  four well known traditional hymns, generally from the Ancient and Modern Revised hymn book. Appropriate readings from  Epistle and Gospel are taken from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible; the Gospel is always read in the body of the church, symbolising taking the Word of God into the World. A sermon is preached, usually based on the Bible readings appointed for the day. It is our custom to observe certain saints’ days and other feasts of the traditional Christian calendar.

The Communion is offered to all confirmed members of the Church of England, and to anyone who is in good standing in their own church. Our traditional rites and our style of worship, together with the welcome given to all comers, means that our regular congregation is composed of worshippers from a large area of East Sussex. For visitors who are not familiar with the Book of Common Prayer, a detailed printed Order of Service is offered.

Everyone is welcome to come and visit us and discover what it is that Christians have to be joyful about.

Following the service, congregation and visitors meet for coffee and conversation.

St Nicolas is the patron saint of children, so children are always welcome to come to our services.

The Holy Communion service follows the Common Worship rite, but using traditional language in a less formal format, and with certain parts of the rite being said by the whole congregation.  This emphasises the togetherness of the communion, which is  also manifested in a mutual sharing of the Peace.

Well-known hymns are sung, using a number of different hymnals, and the readings are read, and intercessions led, by members of the congregation.

Every November on Armistice Day (but NOT on Remembrance Sunday) a Service of Remembrance is held at 11am on the 11th in the Memorial Garden.  Following a  procession from the church by the ministers and civic dignitaries, escorted by the banners of the Royal British Legion, the service starts with a two minutes silence, the Last Post and Reveille being sounded by a bugler. Traditional hymns are sung, with musical accompaniment, and prayers are offered for the Fallen. The service closes with the singing of the National Anthem.

We are a Prayer Book Church, please click here for more information about us